Puma Punku - a place where the gods come down



Puma punku complex is located on Bolivia area in La Paz departament, close to Titicaca lake at an altitude of 3800 meters above sea level. Puma Punku consists of 2 complex ruins which are situated at over 3 km square meters. First of them is consist from an architectonic structure which is called Kalasassaya with an area 120x130 meters and other one which is called Akapana pyramide.

Whole of this part complements another structure under the name Putuni. Second part of this area is correctly Puma Punku about what this article is.

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Frankly speaking, at present day, mankind has no idea how they made this. There are many of suppositions. According to research of Tihuanaco, which where conducted by Ibarra Grasso, Puma punku was erected about VI century b.ch. by The Incas, but it may be wrong date and date of erection may be much older. The problem is that we can't date megalithic structure like this via c14 method (half-decay of radioactive carbon) because stones usually don't contain organic compounds. As a curiosity we can add, that completely different opinion has been announcing by engineer and discoverer Arthur Posnansky (1873-1946) who spent a half of century on research of Tihuanaco and claimed that Puma Punku is 15 000 years old (sic!). He based his research on physics and astronomy, especially precession. Particulary he was interested in about Gate Of The Sun which was devoted to Viracocha. Whole of Tihuanaco (Tiwanaku) was a place of worship, but if we are talking only about Puma Punku we have more questions then answers.

Tiwanaku-Interlocking-Piece-between-stones-PumapunkuStones which consists of Puma Punku are from andesite, diorite and sandstone. Diorite is one of the most hard mineral and the riddle is, how people 2500 b.ch were be able to shape its without any mechanical tools ? Please, glance at the photo above, that's interesting, isn't it? Other thing, if you will peer at photo on the right, you can see sculptured connections which were made between stones. It's quite possible that they used metal, to fill this forms. Christopher Dunn, english engineer author of the book ""Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt: Advanced Engineering in the Temples of the Pharaohs" claims that Tihuanaco was erected by the help of advanced mechanical tools. It's hard to disagree with him if you look at precision which these stones were cut. Whole structure remind puzzles and each of straight angles, flats and distances between drilling wholes are made with unusual precision. Or maybe if they didn't use any tool for cut, they have molded these blocks in forms but first they had to melted stones...

puma-punkuSome of stones weight 400 tons and here we encountered on another problem. If we assume that they built this structure only with help of their muscles, we have to remember that nearest quarry is 90 kilometers far from this place. Someone could say that they could have roll stone blocks on the tree balls. Ok but we are 3800 meters above the sea level and there are no trees. Another weirdness is the wall with sculptured heads, so far we don't know whom represent this sculptures. As you can see question raises the question. Regardless of this Puma Punku still is and will be the one of most mysterious place on the Earth. We have to ask ouerselves 2 questions :"Who wanted to put so many energy, effort only to built a place of worship?" and "Whom they worshiped?" but this is topic for another article ...

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